Welcome to Cafe & Gallery Elia or "Olive Tree".

Our name was inspired by the olive tree which is considered one of the most important trees in the history of Crete and Greece in general. since ancient times it has been regarded as a symbol of peace, protection, fertility, victory, wisdom and hospitality..

Olive oil is used since ancient Greece and to this day for food, maintenance, treatment of diseases and as fuel. Since 3000 BC up in 1970 in Greece it was used for lighting.

Cafe - Bar

Cafe - Our Bar is located in the center of Panormo Rethymno, and is open from April to November, and some other periods that will be announced on our site.

In comfortable and tastefully decorated space, ideal to take a rest during the hot day or for a drink / cocktail in the afternoon.

Just a few steps from our Cafe you can also visit the various exhibitions hosted in our Gallery.


ExhibitionIn a traditionally decorated room in the center of Panormos Rethymno host exhibitions of painting, photography and every kind of art and folklore exhibitions.